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melonJS 0.9.3

May 1, 2012

Hi there !

I’m pleased to announce that melonJS 0.9.3 is now available !

So to make a long story short, the big change is this release is probably the rewritten mouse event management and the touch event support, which means that melonJS is finally and definitely ready for the mobile device world !  But else, to give you a light change log :

  • Better error management, to better track down issues during development
  • Better documentation, including previously undocumented TMX stuff.
  • New mouse event management (with mouse event emulation on touch devices)
  • Touch event management (including multitouch)
  • Better TMX integration
  • Isometric and Perspective map support (no built-in collision map)
  • A lots of optimization, bug fix and small helpful features

Please see the full changes on github for more details on this new version, and as previously, everything is available through the melonJS download page.

I would like as well to thank everybody that participated in this release, by proposing changes, submitting bug report, feedback, etc… and  I will specially thank here xw332 that helped me correcting a couple of nasty bugs, and Norb with who we worked a lot on the new mouse event management and then the touch event support. Furthermore, the “melonJS community” is growing every day and, for those not coming on the forums, we have a lots of quality production on the way, and I hope to publish here soon about it and introduce those games to you and their respective talented developers 🙂

For the next release, we have some good stuff already planned as well, in the mean time you can come to our forum for a sneak peak at them, but I hope to see you back here by then.

Have fun !


melonJS 0.9.0 is available !

July 7, 2011

Hey guys,

I’m happy to tell you that melonJS is finally available. Originally I was planning to wait for the 1.0 version to be ready, but I finally realized that if I was waiting for melonJS to be perfect, I would never release it (…), so here comes the 0.9.0 version !

The following things are available through the download page :

  • minified version of melonJS (0.9.0)
  • source package of the library (I will put everything in github in the coming days, the time to learn how to use it correctly)
  • melonJS documentation (auto-generated using jsdoc)
  • a tutorial showing how to create a simple patformer using (of course) melonJS and Tiled.

Please keep in mind that this is all a first release, melonJS is still beta software (source code is not the cleanest one and still contains some debug stuff), and although I tried my best to have a good documentation and/or tutorial, it won’t be perfect at all.

I’m of course interested on any feedbacks (good and bad), either on missing information/documentation, about bug corrections, or on nice features to be added in melonJS. Feel free to contribute with anything as well.

To finish, a few words on my plan for the near future (in no particular order) :

  • optimization (i.e. tilemap drawing) and bug corrections
  • fully stabilize the API (lacks of coherence, or naming to be corrected)
  • go mobile (touch interface)
  • implement a dirty rectangle mechanism
  • implement support for a “standard” spritesheet format (like texturepacker, zwoptex or something)
  • add some particle management (this is not supported by the engine today)
  • look at possible H/W acceleration (CSS, WebGL)
  • Better integration with Tiled (if possible)

That’s all ! Hoping that you’ll have fun with melonJS,



small Alex4 update…

June 1, 2011

Hi Guys,

I just published a small update to Alex 4, version 1.0 1.1 ( be sure to check the version in the Credits Screen, and right-click on “reload frame” if the new version doesn’t show up) ! Actually there is nothing really new in Alex4, but I’ve been working on melonJS since the last Alex release, cleaning code, correctings bugs, implementing stuff, and since they all benefit to the game itself, having a better version online is still nice 🙂

For those interested, here is the changelog in melonJS since last time :

  • fixed camera/viewport object and added a couple of effects (e.g. shaking, fading,..)
  • fixed “boostrap” (2 calls were made to the init function)
  • rewrote the parallax code and fixed a bug that was causing each layers to be drawn 2x times (ouch!)
  • fixed GFX glitches (it was actually a bug in the engine)
  • implemented John Resig’s inheritance mechanism for all public objects

I’m also almost reaching the magical 1.0.0 version (my target for a public release), which also means that melonJS API is getting more and more stable, and the big next point for me now is to work on the documentation. I’ve been trying to do something with jsdoc, hoping to get something automatically generated, but so far it’s a complete failure 🙂 if anyone has any advice on that, I’m highly interested !

Also, the other benefit of the last changes in melonJS, is also a reduced size ! I’m mentioning on melonJS homepage, that melonJS is a lightweight engine, and now with a size of 57kb (minified) I think I can tell it’s true. For information alex4 code is 29kb big (minified).

So for those who played the game and noticed a few bugs, they should be gone now ! Thank you as well to Dominic (ImpactJS) for kindly pointing me out the limitation with John Resig’s implementation 🙂

And finally I’m still looking for some beta-tester, so if you have a nice idea for a game, are looking for a simple framework, and ready to deal with WIP not well documented stuff, drop me an email !

Thank you for reading !


Alex 4 – the web edition !

May 17, 2011

After weeks of work, I’m very happy today to release Alex the Allegator 4, the HTML5 edition !

Alex4 is a WIP HTML5 remake of the classic “Alex the allegator 4” game, available here and created by Johan Peitz from free lunch design. Alex 4 WE, includes for now the first 6 levels of the original game, and has been developed using melonJS, a free HTML5 game engine.  The library being still in alpha stage, don’t be surprised to find some bugs in Alex4 🙂

Alex4 is hosted at TapJS, allowing to keep track of the highscores. So head over there to try it now !

Alex4 has been completely developed using Tiled, the tilemap editor, as you can also see from the below screenshots :

And finally, melonJS has now a real home, as I opened a small site for it here, so be sure to check it out regulary if you are interested in what will happen next !

Feel free to leave any comments (good or bad) by sending an email at “contact at melonjs dot org”.

Enjoy !


Introducing melonJS

March 8, 2011

That’s it, after all these months of work, I decided to officially give a fancy name to my library : so please welcome melonJS, my javascript game engine.

melonJS is the result of my enthusiasm & my past experiments with Javascript, and currently features :

  • A fresh & lightweight 2D “sprite-based” engine (at least I hope to)
  • Standalone library (does not rely on anything else, except a HTML5 capable browser)
  • Compatible with most major browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera)
  • “Multiple” Audio Channel support
  • Basic physics & collision mechanisms (to ensure low cpu requirements)
  • A basic set (for now) of Object Entities (to be extended)
  • Manage basic animation (i’m looking into adding a proper spritesheet format to it, like TexturePacker)
  • A Game state “manager” (to easily manage loading, menu, options, in-game state)
  • Tiled map format version 0.6 integration for easy level design
    • Plain & Base64 encoded XML tilemap loading (compression not supported)
    • Orthogonal tilemap (isometric not suppported)
    • multiple tileset supported (one for regular tiled map, one for the collision engine)
    • Multiple layers (multiple background/Foreground layers, collision layer, “Parallax” layer)
    • Alpha settings (through the Opacity slider in Tiled)
    • Dynamic Entity loading (basically, the engine will instantiate JS object matching the object property name defined in the tilemap, and pass corresponding settings to it)
  • and others useful stuff like system & bitmap fonts, some basic GUI elements, a customizable loader, etc…

Although melonJS is still a big work in progress and in private beta, I wanted to share with you a small demo, designed using tiled, as you can see in the following picture :

and here is a quick video of the game running :

It’s maybe not very clear on the video, but the game is actually running at a smooth 60fps 🙂

I have no plan yet to release it, as I still have a lots of things to fix, implement or optimize, and i’m actually waiting to finish a real game as a validation/test to my framework.

I’m very excited about this project, and I hope that you will be too !

Also, anyone willing to join the project is welcome, please drop me a message at “olivier dot biot at gmx dot com” if interested 🙂

Cheers !