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melonJS 0.9.8 – even more mobile !

July 6, 2013

Hi all,

Smaller release this time, but we still managed to squeeze some good stuff into this new 0.9.8 version :

  • First we have better support for windows 8 based devices (laptop, tablet, phone) including multitouch support, as the event management has been updated to support pointer event based platforms (See as well the new “multitouch” example provided with melonJS that shows how to properly use the event API in melonJS).FF mobile
  • We fixed melonJS so that it can run under the brand new Firefox OS for mobile, and we are definitely looking forward seeing some great stuff running on this platform !
  • The rendering loop has been rewritten and now uses requestAnimationFrame by default, which should also help in providing a smoother experience on mobile device supporting it.
  • Shoebox support has been added for renderable  (at least we support a free texture packer tool. As with TexturePacker in the previous 0.9.7 release, this will help building  more memory optimized game, when targeting devices with limited memory resource.

For more details and other additions and enhancements, you can have a look at the changelog

And as always the upgrade guide has been updated (very few changes this time, so upgrade should be easier than last time) :

Thank you as well to everyone that contributed to this release, either by providing code changes or fix, but also for your feedback and bug reports !

Cheers, and happy Summer time to all of you !

the melonJS team 😛