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melonJS performances

September 17, 2011

Hi there !

With melonJS 0.9.1 being almost ready, I spent some time today doing a quick benchmark to see what was the real benefits of the code rewrite and few optimizations I put here and there.

So here is a small table showing the CPU usage for both version, this is also not a really extensive benchmark, as I just done on it my main development machine, which is powered by a C2D 2.66ghz, and running OSX 10.6.8 :

As you can see the new version shows (in average) more than 16% performances increase on my configuration, which is not bad at all I think. Oh, and I forgot to add that I used Alex4 for the benchmark, which is a high demanding game in terms of resources, since it’s using 3 parallax layers, etc…

melonJS 0.9.1 is mostly a bug fixing release but will also add some cool new features. Better Tiled Integration, and most of all Dirty Rectangle (that was disabled for the above benchmark). It will however still be tagged as “beta” when I will release it (since I still need more extensive testing, and some adjustment), but it will finally allow me to go to my next goal which is mobile devices, where I believe should be quite useful.

Still concerning performances and dirty rectangle, I have a 15% CPU usage (on the same machine) for my dirty Rectangle example, that uses (of course) a non scrolling level, and a canvas size of 1024×768. On my CoreDuo 2Ghz laptop, the same example is running at full speed (60fps), where before, without dirtyRect, it was struggling to reach 34fps. Nice, no ?

I’ll write later about the next version, but for those interested, you can have a look at the changelog on github (should be almost up-to-date).

Cheers !