OS X 10.5.8 running on my N120 :)

February 16, 2010

http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:VPlpDI5uJEWW3M:http://www.solutionsphoto.com/images/mini_pc/Exemple_MINI_PC/SAMSUNG_N120.jpg I recently got my hands on a Samsung netbook, and as a true Apple fan, I decided to try installing OS X on  it. The Samsung N120 is very close in terms of hardware to his little brother the NC10, and as a start point I used the information from the following page : http://smallcomputing.net/2009/05/06/guide-install-os-x-on-samsung-n120-netbook/ to setup my machine.

That gave me a first working version but with some limitations :

– Wifi card not working
– switch on/off bluetooth not working
– no brightness control
– wake up issues

In order to have it working in an optimal way, I then spent my time to :

1./ Clean my install (ideneb 10.5.8, is quite “old” now, and a lot of things happened in the scene since that)
– Switch to Vanilla Kernel 9.8.0 (yes not new, but I wanted to have vanilla system as most as possible)
– Update booloader to Chameleon RC3 (patched version from tea blog)
+ clean up (create missing Extra folder, move custom kext to /Extra/…., etc…)
– Update the various driver available through http://www.mystiquemac.com/forum/ (other great forum)
– install FakeSMC 2.5 (and removed OpenHaltRestart.kext)
– removed dmos.kext, appleDecrypt.kext
– update VoodooBattery, VoodooPower
– removed or replaced various (and not anymore necessary) hacked kext with legacy ones (AppleSMBios, SMSBiosResolver, etc…)
– removed VoodooUSBHECI (since this machine has no issues with USB)

2/ Fix the wifi :

No miracle here, the easy way was to change it for a Dell 1490 cards (that you can easily find on ebay) and which is supported out of the box by the OS. I would recommend however a Dell 15xx, as they should support b/g/n connectivity.

3/ Fix the bluetooth :
to make the on/off switch working, I changed the following value in the Info.plist of the bluetooth driver :
change the two occurences of :


The “8529” value can be find using the System profifer (Product ID: 0x2151) under the corresponding USB Bus. Of course the value must be converted in decimal, which gives the value here below.

4/ Fix through DSDT patch
I would first recommend this very good guide on DSDT patching :
For the patch source, I used the information available on another great forum : http://www.mystiquemac.com/forum/

a) HPET (new one) & RTC functions

These two ones are automatically applied when you run the patching tools, and allow for the first one to use the HPET features of       AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement function (AppleHPET). So i removed as well NullCPUPowerManagement (and Disabler.kext)

b) Brightness control patch
Allowing to use the FN+ F12 / FN + Insert command to change the brighness level :

c) patch for sleep on lid close

d) proper Audio Injection, allowing to remove the need for HDAEnabler kext

e) proper Video Injection, and switch to last GMA950 driver

f) first but not yet 100% working native vanilla speedstep

5/ Remaining Issue
as of today, I still have issue with the resume from sleep (only resume one time, the second time the computer is put on sleep, it cannot wake up).

And “Ta Ta !”, except from the last issue to sort out, I’m the proud owner of a nice netbook running a 99% working install of OS X 🙂

And here is my geekbench result, which is not so bad I guess .}




  1. Is there any way you could offer a little more explanation about patching the brightness control? I have 10.5.7 installed on my n120 (no sleep issues here), but I want to figure out how to adjust brightness from within OSX. I’m sort of a noob, so the dumber the better. Thanks.

  2. Hi,Brightness fix requires to extract and patch your DSDT (which is basically a soft copy of the "bios").You should go check the mystiquemac forum, or google something like "brightness control dsdt patch" some software can also automatically extract and patch dsdt, then you just need to figure out how to use the patched one.Sorry, If I'm not more precise, but since my N120 fried a while ago now (because of a bad quality 3rd party travel charger), I don't have anymore all this stuff very clear in my mind 🙂 Good luck and enjoy :)PS : about the sleep issue, it's because of OSX 10.5.8, so if you don't upgrade, you won't have any issues)

  3. Hey,Thanks for the reply. I ended up just downloading a little app called Brightness Control, which works great. As for the sleep issue, yeah – I learned that lesson the first time when I upgraded to .8. I had to reinstall everything.

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