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LuaPlayer PS2 – Beta Release [UPDATE]

October 3, 2006

So, I think that despite all the current problems, this is the moment to release a first beta !

I’m only releasing the binary for now, as I still need to double-check the last modification I’ve done in the official SDK, commit them and then clean-up my code a little bit before putting it into the SVN 🙂

The player is almost compatible will all available lua games, and I started a compatibility thread at the froggies forum to report working games and/or required script modifications to make them working :
I aso opened a thread to report bugs and problems with the player, so I would thank you to use it in case you encounter any issues/problems you could have :
(The froggies forum is theorically a french forum, but I don’t see any problems to post in english on the above threads, as nowadays we all understand and speak english more or less correctly!)

And finally, here is the first Beta version of the player :

plus (hoping that the original author will agree) the DrMario game modified to run on the PS2 :
Dr. Mario (the zip content has to be put under the “Applications” directory)

For information, I made the following changes to make DrMario running on the PS2 player :
updated script to Lua 5.1
remove pad:home()
replaced pad:note() by pad:triangle()

I also modified the Lowser script and inverted X and O buttons (so [X] is used to select a directory/games and [O] to go back)

Also, if you don’t care about the lowser script, you can directly load a games, for i.e. :
luaplayer.elf device:/path/Drmario/index.lua

This second method is anyway much more reliable that the regular one for the moment

Please also read carefully the README provided in the zip file for information, and once again consider this release as a real first Beta version !

I hope you’ll enjoy it as I do 🙂


[UPDATE] Beta2 with IOP reset (else was causing problems)