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Sound in LuaPlayer

September 11, 2006

Sorry it has a been a long time since my last post but I’ve been busy with real life, and most of all.. as you can understand it from the title itself : busy with the port of libmikmod !

So thanks to it, the LuaPlayer now features full sound and sfx 🙂

Additionally I optimized a lot all file access (using buffering) so loading time are much more faster and specially for host !! To finish and as always, a little video of drMario (yes I love it!) but this time with sound enabled !

Enjoy !

A quick remark on the performance, as the PS2 is of course doing a great job. I tried the other day DrMario on LuaPlayer 0.20 for the PSP (@233Mhz) and the sound was a bit choppy. But as you can see, everything is working just fine here, so PS2 still r0x0rs 🙂