“End of the week” Status

August 27, 2006

Polo35 (well known for his work on uLaunch) has joined the team and is working now on a very nice GUI for the LuaPlayer. Tmator on his side, is back from holiday and is working on libmikmod 🙂

System library has been added to the available libraries and LuaPlayer can now run the lowser browser to run games. Following video show the lowser app running and then executing DrMario (Loading time is slow, this being due to, as before, loading through the network for debbugging purpose). Note also that drMario is the unmodified current PSP version 🙂

If you want more daily fresh news, you can also visit the froggies’website (only in french sorry), where you can find a dedicated LUA section in our forum.

Please understand that the Player still need more work, debugging and fine tuning before a release, but we are certainely now near from a first beta release 🙂 Thanks for all the encouraging messages anyway, I really appreciate them !




  1. This are really great news Evilo – hope the beta release is near ^^

  2. The week has ended have you another status Eviloi can´t wait and i count the day´s for the first Release.

  3. Whats going on any news Evilo ?????

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