Quick Update

August 15, 2006

Just a little update to show another game running under the PS2 LuaPlayer 🙂
I got this one running and a bunch of other ones after I fixed a bug with Alpha Channels.

Anyway, don’t check my score 🙂



  1. Salut,c’est juste pour te dire que les liens pour les téléchargement sur psxdev sont mort.enfin désolé si tu le sait déja;et bravo pour l’initiative du site, pas mal et en français!^^

  2. come on Evilo make an release i sit on needles and cant wait

  3. Hello any news Evilo pls i would to play nice things on the ps2.

  4. Hi,I’d like to have the sound working first (we only started to work on it), and then maybe we’ll release a preview (but without a fancy GUI and with only host/mc support)

  5. grrrr Evilo i can´t wait this is the most Wanted Programmi will see it and test it !!!!!

  6. Hi Evilo,so the GUI is finished is that true ^^^i hope yourSound implentation goes forward too and i hope we can use that thing Greets Missy

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