Luamines on PS2 !

August 13, 2006

Good news from the PS2 Lua Player : I made some progress, and as you can see it can now run some more complex script like Luamines ! (version 0.03 by Dragula96)

For those interested you can also here a video of the game running. The game is a bit slow to show up and you’ll see the “Lua Powered” splash for a few seconds because of the loading time (all images used by the lua script are loaded from host).
Also, font display seems a bit screwed up on the video, but this is because of the divx compression (check the screen capture above).

a Quick status :
LuaControls : one pad support
LuaGraphics : need more work on the blitting functions to use gsKit properly
LuaTimer : done
LuaSounds : no sound output yet 😦

Still in alpha stage and a work in progress anyway 🙂

Discuss LuaPlayer for PS2 in this thread 🙂



  1. Hipe you release this very soon Evilo would play that with my Ps2 and i think this is the hottestThing for the moment

  2. great iam very impressed Evilo hope i can Play this game near in the Future on my PS2.

  3. What do you think is the first Relase Evilo !!!!

  4. umm how do u get the files on to the ps2

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